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What Is Online Marketing     Internet Marketing     Web Marketing     Online Marketing     iMarketing     Online Marketing Definition

What Is Internet Marketing

Internet is one of the biggest and cost effective digital medium available worldwide. Internet Marketing can be defined as marketing or promotion of brands,Learn Internet Marketing products, services to the consumers by utilization of internet as a digital medium. When we say that we are online then it simply means that we are using internet or in other words accessing the world wide web and so internet marketing is also known as online marketing or web marketing. Moreover the word iMarketing is also used as an abbreviated form for internet marketing.

Internet Marketing = Online Marketing = Web Marketing = iMarketing

Internet Marketing being one of the biggest digital marketing channel includes search engine marketing, social media marketing, display marketing, referral marketing, affiliate marketing, email marketing, content marketing, designing and development and much much more. So more precisely internet marketing can be formulated as shown below -

Internet Marketing = Search Engine Marketing + Social Media Marketing + Email Marketing + Referral Marketing + Content Marketing + Designing ...

IQVenue excels in providing the complete suite of internet marketing solutions across the globe that incorporates world class services, industry relevant courses, extensive online exams followed by highly recognized certifications, 100% placement assistance along with exclusive portal access to top jobs and career opportunities, highly reliable information resources and even much more.

Internet Marketing Solutions

What Is Internet Marketing     Online Marketing     Web Marketing     Internet Marketing     iMarketing     Internet Marketing Definition

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